I’m Sarrah, though I write under S.C. Kaliski. (I figured, since my first, middle, and surname are difficult to spell/say, I’d use my first two initials. That way you only have to try to spell/say one difficult name, which is pretty phonetic. You’re welcome. )
I am a writer of stories and poetry.
I have written over 600 poems (after 600 I stopped counting and kept writing). I have written over 50 finished short stories, one finished novel and many more in the works.

My work ranges from literature fiction, fantasy, magical realism, and science fiction.

My passion is to make statements with my writing and art, whether environmental, social, economical, or whatever catches me. To show the beauty of life is a continuous goal of mine.

find me everywhere on @sckaliski

See my handmade poetry book: “NOW”

Read #littlebitstories, my Instagram inspired short stories


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